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Cammspannen Nature Reserve - Exclusive Kalahari  4x4 Getaway

Cammspannen is a privately owned Nature Reserve and management of the Reserve has been taken over in 2011 by Dantes Liebenberg, experienced tour - & 4x4 guide with more than 18 years of guiding experience and lifetime Kalahari experience.

Cammspannen is uninhabited, which give the visitor a feeling of freedom and space. Cammspannen can be visited in combination with the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. This gives people the opportunity to see the unique wildlife of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in combination with a relaxed stay at Cammspannen with the freedom of movement only 65km from Twee Rivieren Gate.

Cammspannen is situated in the Mier area in the most remote part of South Africa, 325 km from Upington via Twee Rivieren on the R360. Cammspannen covers 12 800 ha of typical Kalahari duneveld in the Arid Savannah biome of South Africa. Its northern border is 01 km south of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Parkís southern border and in the west it borders on Namibia

Antelope species include gemsbok, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, springbok, grey duiker and steenbok. Smaller carnivores include caracal, aardwolf, black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, Cape fox, African wild cat, meerkat, yellow - & slender mongoose. Other species include aardvark, pangolin, porcupine & ground squirrels

Ostrich, Kori bustard, northern black korhaan and secretary bird are common sightings. Bird of prey species include marshall eagle, black-chested snake eagle, pale chanting goshawk, pygmy falcon, black-shouldered kite and greater kestrel. Owl species include spotted eagle owl, barn owl and white-faced scops-owl. Burchell - & Namaqua sandgrouse, chats, weavers, quails and various lark species are common.

4X4 TRAILS: 4x4 Trails totalling a distance of 90 km, including a few challenging dunes, run through the Kalahari Duneveld of Cammspannen. There are picnic sites and beautiful sunset view points on these 4x4 trails with magnificent views of this impressive endless land. 4X4 TOURS: Scheduled 4x4 Tours to Cammspannen depart from Upington on set dates. Private or Corporate 4x4 Tours can be done on request on any dates. Motorbikes and quad bikes are allowed on the 4x4 trails, but they must stay on the tracks at all times. No vehicle or bike is allowed off the existing 4x4 trails. (See ‘Tour 27: 04 Kalahari-Mier-Cammspannen 4x4 Tour’ for more details)

HIKING: Guided hikes can be done. Clients are free to do unguided hikes.

GUIDED NIGHT DRIVES: Guided night drives can be done with the guide on duty. There is a chance to see some of the more rare nocturnal animals including aardwolf, aardvark, porcupine and Cape fox.

TENTED CAMP - GROUP FACILITIES: The Tented Camp consists of a fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, kitchen sink, reed shade structure and 11 canvass igloo tents with mattresses and or camping beds and outdoor flushing toilets and showers.

CAMPING SITES: A few exclusive camping sites with no facilities at all are scattered in the duneveld. These campsites offer total privacy. Visitors have to be totally self sufficient. 4x4 Vehicles with trailers can get to all these campsites. Only one campsite is accessible for 4x4ís with off-road caravans.

TENTED CAMP:     R150-00 per person p/day including use of kitchen & bathroom facilities
                         R  50-00 per person p/day Children 06-18
CAMPING SITES:  R100-00 per person p/day
                         R  50-00 per person p/day Children 06-18

4x4 TRAILS:       R200-00 per vehicle once off fee for all trails

INDIVIDUAL AND SMALL GROUP SELF DRIVES: Cammspannen is ideal for people who love the Kalahari or remote areas and who would like to spend some quality time to get away from the hustle and bustle of todayís life. Cammspannen is uninhabited which contributes to the feeling of privacy and remoteness. Self-catering. Meals can be provided for groups of 10 or more.

FAMILIES DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Cammspannen is the perfect breakaway for groups of families or friends with children during school holidays. The children have the freedom of space to enjoy themselves while the parents can sit back and relax. Self-catering. Meals can be provided for groups of 10 or more.

Rates:   See ‘Tour 27: Kalahari 4x4 Tour’

CORPORATE TOURS: Cammspannen is the ideal place to really get away from it all. Just to get there by vehicle is already a team building exercise with an option of three routes running through typical Kalahari landscape. By the time you arrive at Cammspannen you know you are somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Airstrips for fly-ins are at Twee Rivieren 65 km and on a pan near Molopo Kalahari Lodge 130km away.
Rates: See ‘Tour 27: 04 Day Kalahari-Mier-Cammspannen 4x4 Tour’

School groups can be accommodated on field schools. The program is flexible and can be adjusted according to requested activities. Small to medium sized busses can get to the entrance gate to Cammspannen, 500 m from the Tented Camp. Self/catering or meals can be provided.
Rates: On request

WATER: The Kalahari is a water scarce area and water must be used very sparingly. There is salt water available at the Tented Camp. This water is not for human consumption. Visitors must ensure they have enough drinking water for their entire stay.

FUEL: Cammspannen has no fuel supply. The small villages Askham 140km, Rietfontein 100km and Twee Rivieren Camp in Kgalagadi Park 65km away have fuel and basic supplies. It is recommended to fill up on the way to Cammspannen at one of these places and to have at least an extra 20L of fuel per vehicle.

FIREWOOD: Please note it is illegal to collect any firewood. Cammspanne is managed as a Nature Reserve and we want to keep it as natural as possible. By collecting firewood the balance is disturbed by removing habitat for insect life, which has a negative effect on the food chain. Visitors must bring as much firewood as possible. There is a limited supply at the Tented Camp, but due to long distances the supply canít be replenished regularly.

Visitors to Cammspannen who are not on a guided tour must take note of the following:

COMMUNICATIONS: The nearest cell phone reception is at Twee Rivieren 65km away. It is recommended to have a satellite phone to make contact in case of emergency.

VEHICLES: Only 4x4 vehicles are allowed on the 4x4 Trails. The entrance gate and Tented Camp can be reached in a 4x2 vehicle with good ground clearance. No sedan vehicles allowed. An 70%-80% shade net has to be used to cover the radiator of your vehicle when going on a 4x4 trail. When driving through tall grass, stop regularly to inspect the radiator and undercarriage of your vehicle. Remove all grass that is stuck underneath your vehicle. Always switch the engine off when stopping in dry grass.

We look forward to have you as our guests

Dantes Liebenberg

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